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High Value Household

If your home and its contents are of particularly high value, you require a more comprehensive insurance solution than a standard policy would offer.

Our High Net Worth policies cover those with contents worth £100,000 or more. Accidental damage cover comes as standard. You have access to an exceptional claims service should the worst happen. You also get:

  • Worldwide cover: for your belongings thereby removing the need for supplementary cover when you take belongings away from the home or on holiday
  • Jewellery: items covered up to agreed limits without the need for a valuation certificate
  • Pairs and sets: where one item is lost or damaged from a distinct pair or set, the pair or set is replaced, not just the one item
  • Fine art & antiques: covered up to agreed limits before proof of value is required
  • Warranty-free policies: most high net worth insurers have a more practical, flexible approach and do not automatically apply warranties to their policies (dependent on individual circumstances)
  • Trace and access: cover for costs associated with finding a leak from a fixed domestic heating appliance, permanent internal plumbing, or from underground service pipes for which you are legally responsible outside the home
  • Legal expenses: cover included as standard, with a typical limit of £100,000
  • Identity theft cover: provides assistance in the event of personal fraud.

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