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Buildings & Contents Insurance

Your home means more to you than anyone else could truly understand. It’s where you’ve chosen to live and perhaps raise a family; it’s filled with the possessions you’ve acquired over several years and its where you feel safest.

The policies we source give you the reassurance you need, and the high standard of personal service you deserve. Cover can be arranged to include:

  • Buildings insurance: cover for major risks including fire, flood, storm and subsidence. You’re also covered for damage arising from theft or vandalism and vehicle collision
  • Contents insurance: cover for the owned contents of your home. Policies include cover allowance for ‘high risk’ items such as jewellery, or expensive art pieces or furniture
  • Accidental damage: this optional extra can be included with both buildings and contents cover. For instance, it covers putting your foot through a ceiling or damage to a carpet caused by a paint spillage
  • Personal possessions/belongings: provides cover for belongings away from the home. You would therefore be covered if, for example, you lost your handbag or watch whilst shopping
  • Legal expenses: this optional cover can provide cover for such expenses arising from employment disputes, contract disputes, property protection and disputes with neighbours.

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